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Hi there! Welcome to the blog. Here you will find a journal about our lives, travels, weddings, portraits, behind the scenes and our favorite tips and tricks.

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Planning out your wedding day can surely be stressful. This guide will give you one of my example timelines. As the seasons change, so does your timeline, so reach out if you need more guidance. We are more than happy to help!




From every end comes a NEW beginning. Change is NEVER easy. Never! It is true when they say that “Gods laughs when you make plans” because GOD ALREADY HAS a plan for each of us.

When I started this business of mine almost 6 years ago, I started by shooting newborns. I practiced my shooting on donkeys and stuffed animals. No, I am not kidding.  I NEVER PLANNED or DREAMED on creating a full-time career that involves capturing couples most special of days. If you asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself today, this was NOT it. This is MUCH BETTER. God’s plan was always better than mine. It always will be.

At the beginning of the 2017 season, we will be taking on a second shooter position AND a part-time assistant. 

Growing and expanding your business is scary. Its a new change and a new sense of normal that I am sure every business goes through. The first time they hire employees. The first time they expand to another store front. The first time they hit their monthly goal and then the first time they triple it. Its all very exciting, yet SO NERVE-WRACKING!

By hiring someone to join the KNP Team, this is like borderline proposing marriage to a stranger! I will be letting someone into a party of my heart and soul. I will be trusting them with a part of my life that my blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating. I will be trusting that person to represent me and all KNP stands for. I will be trusting someone with the hearts of my clients (aka family members) and I will be actually SHARING and RELEASING some responsibility to them.  EEK! (And for my TYPE-A controlling self, thats a feat in and of itself!)

But, in order to continue growing and best serving my clients/family…I need the help and I need to build a team that I can be proud of.

So, here is what I am looking for and accepting applications for:


We shoot an average of 40-45 weddings a year. They vary in size, location and days of coverage. We do also shoot destination weddings. Over the next year this position will be an INTERN based position for a minimum of 2-3 months for TRAINING.You will be working with my current second shooter Chris and he will be training you to do his position. He does a LOT on wedding day so your job will be to learn and mimic his role. You will be compensated for gas/meals while working (training) and any and all images taken will be surrendered to KNP. In 2018 this will be a FULL TIME POSITION. We will be working together every weekend. You will only be required to show up day of wedding, turn over cards and THATS IT!

I am looking for the following:

  1. Preferably a canon shooter that has a working knowledge of their full -frame camera and flash. Can handle indoor and outdoor photography. (Portfolio submission will be required)
  2. Preferably someone out of college (or not leaving for college), 21 years of age and license/car.
  3. Someone available for FRI-SUN weddings (very rare Thursday/Monday’s)- yes we shoot more than one in a weekend often.
  4. Someone that is available for travel from a little as 2 hours away to an over night stay. We can discuss destination weddings when the time comes.
  5. Someone that is comfortable with taking direction, being social with clients and prepared for the unexpected changes that often happen on wedding day.
  6.  Someone that is comfortable being on their feet for nearly 12 hours in a day. (Sometimes back to back days)
  7. Someone whom is comfortable with signing a 2 year contract stating that all images taken while working for KNP belong to KNP and are to be displayed and shared ONLY by KNP. The contract will also go over more in depth legalities that we can discuss privately. (We will also discuss payment upon hire)


Position Two: Part-Time Personal Assistant (FEMALE)

This position will be an average of 10-15 hours a week during the busy season and as needed in off season. Must have your own transportation. I am after a fun and energetic person that is flexible and a go-getter. No laziness or sloth like behavior will be allowed. : P You must be prepared to run some crazy errands and do some funky tasks that may or may not include candy, glitter and anything else I can think of.

It will be a bonus if you have great writing and have the ability to tie a bow.  : P  But in all seriousness… you will be working in my home with my family/dog and I need someone I can trust. No smoking will be allowed on property either. You will be a part of the inner workings/behind the scenes portion of KNP which is EQUALLY as important as my front of house team. A contract will also be signed which will go over how the information you will be trusted with is not to leave the walls of my office.

Tasks will include the following:

  1. Coffee Pick up (you will learn that I am not fun to work for unless I have a coffee in my hand )
  2. Creating contracts and entering in receipts into my accounting system.
  3. Ordering new supplies
  4. Creating client gift boxes/welcome boxes
  5. Filling out/sending out cards to clients and vendors
  6. Post office runs
  7. Basic Secretarial Duties (Must be able to use Microsoft Word) all other systems we will train you
  8. Must be prepared for spontaneous dance parties on the off chance we get all caught up and we need to celebrate with some champs and dancing.

I promise I am fun to work with and treat my clients more like family than PAYING customers. But this also means I CARE A LOT about first impressions, dressing to impress on wedding day, being polite, helpful, energetic and proactive. These “clients” are my family and my family is treated like the gold they are. I put a lot of heart into this business and into their big days so I will expect my front and back of house team members to put in the effort needed to make sure my “family” receives the level of love and service I promise them. Do not apply for either position if you plan to be trained and leave a week later. This is a commitment. Not only to my business or my clients, but to me.

To apply to either position, please complete the following steps:

  1. Email me at and in the subject bar write “APPLYING FOR- BLANK” and fill in which position you are interested in in the “blank” portion.
  2. Tell me your name, why your applying, what gear you have, link me to a portfolio and include a picture of yourself. If you are applying to be a personal assistant I would love to have a professional reference submitted with you email about why you are applying and why you feel as though you are right for the position. Don’t forget to attach a picture. I like to look at the face and into the eyes of someone.
  3. Please include a few dates and times that would work for you to set up an in person interview should your application be chosen.
  4. If you are a MOM applying for any of these positions, please include their ages and what a schedule might be like for you if you were to accept either role.
  5.  Include if you work any other jobs, attend school or have any other extra curricular commitments.


Thank you for your interest in joining the KNP Team. I think you will really enjoy being here and joining in on all the crazy!

xoxo, Kaitlin Noel

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THE Wedding TIMELINE guide

Planning out your wedding day can surely be stressful. This guide will give you one of my example timelines. As the seasons change, so does your timeline, so reach out if you need more guidance. We are more than happy to help!



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timeline guide

Planning out your wedding day can surely be stressful. This guide will give you one of my example timelines. As the seasons change, so does your timeline, so reach out if you need more guidance. We are more than happy to help!

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